Do you know what a Notice of Commencement is ?

If you are contemplating a project YOU SHOULD  know what a Notice of Commencement is

The construction lien laws and the permitting process can sometimes be daunting.  The contractor you hire should be experienced with the related paperwork and the permitting process.   If the paperwork is not handled properly in the correct sequence, it can result in unnecessary delays to the project.






A notice of commencement is a notarized document signed by the owner and filed with the County Clerk.

Any work over  $2500.00 requires filing.

Basically it is an announcement to interested parties that you are about to either remodel or build onto your house or business.

Without this Notice on file you will not be able to get any inspections, or can fail an inspection if a copy is not on site.

Before scheduling an inspection the building department checks to make sure a Notice has been filed.

This document contains detailed information about the project such as property owner, parcel control number, financial institution, jobsite address, contractor, etc and protects the property owner’s title of the property.

The actual filing cost is about $15.00. for Palm Beach County.

It can be filed at the court house in palm beach which gets recorded immediately, or you can file it at the Delray courthouse.

If filing in Delray it will take about 10 days to receive a recorded copy.   The notice of commencement is good for one year.

We like to file this first before any other documentation.    We realize the paperwork can be overwhelming that

is why we take the time to review this carefully with our clients.

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