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After - Quadplex

After - Quadplex

In the past year we have worked for many people that live in different states as well as countries.

None of them were familiar with Florida Building Codes, permitting or lien issues. This quadplex was purchased as an investment property from someone who lives in North Carolina. After purchasing this property many code violations were discovered from previous owners.  A common problem we encounter especially with investment property.  We knew his goal was to start getting revenue from this property as soon as problem.  We handled all the issues with the building department to get all permitting issues resolved as well as the renovation we did to all four units, 

This is what the owner said…



 Thanks for the wonderful renovation work  you did to the 4-plex we bought in Fort Lauderdale. Hiring T-Square for the renovation was the best decision we made in a foreclosure property purchase we made from miles away.

 With out your continued persistence, experience, time management and hard work we couldn’t have got all permits and inspections get done for the never ending  list of code violations raised by the city inspectors due to the unauthorized work performed by previous owners.

 With your honest and cost cautious approach, we were able to complete the work with out cost over runs.

 Thanks for the countless hours you spend negotiating with city to save us money. Also thank you for keeping us updated on the work done and you willingness to make changes without hesitation when we asked.




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